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We Are SaveAround.
SaveAround® is North America’s premier Discount Coupon Fundraising Book. SaveAround® does three things (and does them well): we help your school or community group raise funds, we help local merchants promote and grow their business, and we help people in your community save money. From famous national chains to your favorite local mom-and-pop, SaveAround® offers coupon savings everyone will love.

Fundraising Groups

Do you need new books/computers/uniforms/instruments/vehicles/art supplies/  (insert your goal here)  ? SaveAround® helps thousands of schools and community groups raise millions of dollars every year. Why sell cookie dough* and wrapping paper when you can sell something that actually benefits the customer AND the community?

*If your customers/supporters really want cookies, there’s probably a coupon for that.


What is your marketing budget? Take that number and multiply it by $0. That’s how much it will cost you to get a full color ad that is guaranteed to be viewed by tens of thousands of people in a SaveAround® book. The more quality discounts you offer, the more repeat customers you’ll have, even after they have used all of their coupons.


Buying a SaveAround® book benefits everyone. Groups earn money toward reaching their fundraising goal. Local merchants get your business. YOU save money. Use one or two coupons and your book is paid for!

A Brief history...

The first iteration of SaveAround® began in 1972. High school principal Ray Stanton II and his wife Nikki created a small coupon book called Dine-A-Mate as a way for schools to raise extra funds. Dine-A-Mate quickly grew to be a great success. For 20+ years the pioneering book helped schools and groups raise millions of dollars. In 1996, the family-built business was sold for $30+ million. After six years away from the discount coupon book fundraising business, a new full color layout was developed and came to market in 2002. The new format offered merchants free, full color advertising while providing customers the same great savings in a more attractive package. The new book was called Enjoy the City.

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